The Ultimate Jurassic Coast 'Party Party' House.

Written by Tymn Lintell.

No? 'Just 3 hours from London and approx £35/ppn for a house party of 12, for 7 nights - yes!'

Portland House - the front fence

Do you ever surprise yourself? I have walked past this fence a hundred times in the last ten years, during which time my often itchy curiosity as to what lay behind the barricade had slowly waned into ignorance. Until last Sunday when, under leaden skies I noticed that the gate was open, yes OPEN! After all those years, how could I resist?

Swallowing my Time Traveller pill and checking the camera settings, I was off and away into an awesome Art Deco fantasy land.

Could I believe it? Can you believe it? You will love it! .... ('Location Location Location, darling').

That springtime aroma from the Chusan palms flanking the entrance walkway hit me like a wall-of-sound. I could almost feel my white linen suit brushing against polished spats - I was away ok.

This is pure 'Hollywood-meets-Algarve-meets-St-Tropez-chic', a fantasy seaside home in (yes) Weymouth, Dorset!

Portland House.front walkway

Portland House.entrance stairs


In 1935, just as his Art Deco architectural fantasy was being completed, the young playboy owner one Geoffrey Bushby, died at the tender age of 34. The empty house then languished through the German air raids of WW11, then through abusive tenancies of the 50s 60s 70s and 80s, until finally in 2001 it was recognised as an exemplar of its period and awarded Grade 2 listing.

£500,000 of restoration later, it's yours. Remember, just bring your imagination to the party.

To this; the most amazing, awesome, double decker party house, slap bang in the middle of the Jurassic Coast, wrapped in Art Deco history, facing due south with the water at your feet, reclining in a flock of oak steamer chairs, Martini and bleenies to hand? Best I let the pictures do the talking.

Portland House.Art Deco golfing lamp

Portland House.Art Deco lamp

Portland bathroom

Portland House.Art Deco mirror

Portland House 'cloud burst' suite

Portland House.binoculars

Portland House.the view

Portland House.old gramaphone

Portland House.a kiss on the terrace

Portland House upper terrace

Portland House.the loggia

Portland House.staff bell board

Portland House.double bedroom

Portland window

For me, the most exciting thing about this house is the concept of sitting-out of an evening on one of those massive terraces. The movie screen of sky and sea in front of you is but a huge doorway into some fascinating local stories.

Of daring raids; of smugglers tales, of His Maj reviewing his Fleet, of deadly weapons and Cold War spies, of taking the kids to the bottom of the garden for a spot of seriously good rockpooling, of cycling over to Chesil Beach and sailing out from the Olympic Academy, of walking the cliffs on the mighty rock of Portland in front of you, of travelling to Broadchurch, of eating seafood so fresh it still wriggles then, back home putting on a scratchy '78' and dancing to 'I'm in Heaven' on your own candle-lit ballroom sized terrace at dusk - bliss!

This house is the most perfect springboard into deeper Dorset and the Jurassic Coast. If you are thinking about visiting, give me a shout and I will happily share some more local knowledge to enhance your stay.

This fabulous Art Deco house (lovingly saved for us by The NationalTrust) sleeps 12, costs about £3k a week and can be booked here. But be prepared for a long'ish wait, the queue starts outside that barricade fence!

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