Go to Work on a Holiday.

Written by Tymn Lintell.

But not if you love (slob-out) package holidays. Go ahead, splash your cash.

Mohitos on a cafe table

The best holidays are seriously hard work.

  • Those days that feel 36 hours long because you have achieved, learnt, experienced so much more than any normal day at the office.
  • Days where your head is buzzing, your muscles ache, your stomach sated and your inner fire re-kindled.
  • Days where your sleep is profoundly deep.
  • Where you spring out of bed smiling.
  • Where the pull of the next adventure is much more exciting than the daily rush hour grind.
  • Where you see things in a totally new light.
  • Where you experience yourself - tuned, fit, hungry and active.

That is a real holiday!

  • Holidays permit you to discover your real potential.
  • Holidays permit you to extend yourself and to dream.
  • Holidays can be life changing and fun!.
  • And holidays can give you a whole new perspective on your own life.

But only if you grab 'em by the scruff of the neck and dive in deep!

The mantra, 'Just recharging my batteries' requires Energy. (Chilling-out can be so draining!)

Google Analytics tell me that the bulk of my readers live in London (Bath, Brighton and ... Guernsey!).

If that's you and you fancy a Dorset recharge, then you might find this article useful.

Or this one if you are travelling to the Jurassic Coast in a multi-family group.

Or, perhaps this trip to iTVs Broadchurch, which starts from the Weymouth end of the London(Waterloo) railway line.

If you are coming from France or the Channel Islands with Condor their ferry berths in Weymouth harbour, making it the perfect interchange for travel either East or West along the Jurassic Coast.

As Paul Theroux put it."Tourists don't know where they've been, travellers don't know where they're going".

So come on down. Dorset awaits ACTIVISTS! ........ (if you are up for a holiday workout).

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