A Bus Load of Ammonites.

Written by Tymn Lintell.

I do agree, our buses tend to be full of ageing folk; slightly bent, slightly crinkled and wrinkled, a bit mollusc-like. But, like any good ammonite, they all have a helluva story to tell!

Today I'm delivering an assignment of Jurassic Coast Ammonite Pin Badges to Portland Bill.

Portland Bill is an internationally famous tourist destination yet, for some reason the trusty No.1 bus doesn't go there! So, us poor old visiting molluscs have to jump-off at Avalanche church and WALK to the Bill (a brisk 20 minutes each way).

BUT, let's turn a negative into a positive. Let's walk the forever dramatic East Weares cliff path to The Bill. For me, this is a walk that never ever fails to amaze, always delivering huge dollups of drama regardless of the time of year.

Just turn back from the bus stop and walk south, following gravity. After a couple of minutes you will see a Footpath sign off to the left. You are about to walk straight out onto the stage of The Royal Albert Hall. The cliffs are VAST.

The cramera cannot do the scale of Freshwater Bay justice.

Human Scale - from the middle of the picture above!

Imagine working this old cliff-edge crane?

Serious Rock-Pooling country!

The perfect re-Kindling spot!

The end in sight - Portland Bill.

Wear your Jurassic Coast Pin Badge with pride, knowing that you are helping support education projects for the next generation.

If you would like one - please make contact here and I will email you the four colourways with donation details (min £1GBP excluding posting direct to you WORLDWIDE). This badge is a positive statement of your ongoing support for the Jurassic Coast (Natural) World Heritage Site and also all the young children who will follow in our clumsy footsteps #lovethejurassiccoast



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